Monday, October 13, 2014

Archery - First Steps with the Bow

Although I was always interested in archery and, after crafting my first flatbow at the age of 14, I somehow always wanted to try it again, it never really happened. Until recently, when Bernhard and I went to Kirchschlag near Linz where you have three 3D courses and where they have rental equipment, introductory courses and so on. I have to say, it really got me. Archery is a very nice combination of being outdoors, enjoying nature, walking - not hiking that much - in moderate pace, interrupted by moments of full concentration and body awareness. Not surprising that the Japanese Kyudo bow tradition is a form of Zen meditation rather than a shooting experience. I really want to try this form of mediation one day, although I know it takes months before you even hit a target 2 meters in front of you. It takes a lot of mastery until one can shoot an arrow with a Japanese bow...

It does not take so long for a modern recurve bow, in fact, you pretty much achieve a satisfactory level of precision and feel for the bow within a few hours. Although I'm still very far away from being a good archer. ;) I have to add, I do not like the link of archery and hunting a lot, and this olympic archery is also not what I'm seeking. Therefore, I am fascinated by the most traditional form of archery which uses longbows made completely out of wood, or at least mostly out of wood with some fiber-glass compound material. Anyway, this is something for the future - for now, I'm happy not to loose my arrows and to hit the target.

...Did I mention I love my tattoo? ;)

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