Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrival at Anchorage

The weather report for the upcoming week promised us rain and heavy clouds in Anchorage. Instead, at least today the weather is surprisingly fine.
I can tell you: it is a long, long way to Alaska, but the views from the flight to Anchorage were fantastic. Alaska as you'd expect it: with lots of empty space, arctic tundra, dense vegetation, wild and bent rivers and huge glaciers! And yes, we saw all of this on our arrival by air, and this was just a glimpse of what lies ahead. And bye the way: Flying over the Eastern Fjords of Greenland was more than fantastic, Greenland is definitely on my To-Do list. The first night we camped on a tentground around Anchorage, in the middle of Bear Country as they call it here. But moose have to be expected too outside - or at least hopefully outside - your tent. Since Anchorage is huge as Alaska we decided to stay in a backpackers hostel for the next couple of days and although it was already fully booked the owner gave us his room for rent. Here is an I-Pod pic of the hostel.

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  1. I'm so looking forward to following your journey. I have one of your Iceland pics as my desktop. I actually was planning on riding through Canada all the way up to Alaska this summer (my Grandfather lives in Fairbanks), but the time just did not materialize. Have a wonderful time!