Monday, August 8, 2011

Katmai National Park

To start with - Alaska is huuuuge and if you want to go just anywhere, you'll probably have to take a plane that brings you to your destination. In our case, we were heading to Katmai National Park from Anchorage. You have to fly to King Salmon first - what a funny name for a "city", isn't it? - and then a bush pilot will pick you up and bring you into the wild. These planes that operate are built in the Golden 60ies and look like this:

A real beauty, isn't it? With a radial engine. Pretty cool. Flying almost like riding a motorbike... :)

Arriving at our final destination Brooks Camp at the Naknek Lake we first got an introduction to bear etiquette, covering such things as what to do when you encounter a bear, how close you can get them and so on. It good to know - believe me! We had several close encounters!

But since it's now already nearly one at night and our clothes should be washed and dried, I show you just a few pictures of how close you come to the bears - and a few pictures of what our camp and the view from the camp looked like.

So this was the view from the tent...

And sometimes the view was like this:

The tentground itself - in lush green wood... a bit humid indeed


Fishing again - this time in the waterfalls of Brooks River

In the grasslands.

Note: all pictures without post-processing, so please forgive dust and dirt on the sensor, I still have to clean it (by soft- and hardware)

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